What lace is best for me - Swiss, Transparent or HD?

What lace is best for me - Swiss, Transparent or HD?

When shopping for human hair and wigs, we all want the best. We want it look good, we want it to melt, and most importantly, we want it to last! The material of the lace is crucial because it determines how natural your install will look! You'll come across many different types of lace - Swiss lace, transparent lace and HD Lace. But which one is better for you? Which one will you benefit from the most?

Ok, Lets talk Lace!

Swiss Lace 

Swiss lace, also known as light/medium brown lace, is the most common used in the hair industry. If your buying hair from vendors such Ali express, they're most likely going to send you Swiss lace as that's their default material. 

what is Swiss lace (example)

Swiss lace (light/medium/dark brown) is ideal for everyday wear as the lace is thicker. The material is soft and blends well for most skin tones. If you have a fair brown skin complexion or darker, then this lace can be an option for you.

Transparent Lace

Believe it or not, transparent lace is the same material as Swiss lace. The only difference is that the lace colour is clear and some types are slightly thinner. If you skin complexion is lighter than fair brown, then this lace will probably be the better option. Transparent lace can be tinted to any colour, so technically, it can work for anyone. I would recommend this lace to customers who are looking for good, affordable lace, that gives a super natural look.

       what is transparent lace (Our transparent lace)

HD Lace

HD Lace, which stands for High Definition, is now the most wanted lace on the market. Its high quality and invisbilty givesyou an amazing finish. It has ultra thin lace, making it almost impossible to detect and blends with any skin tone. HD lace has the perfect melt results! Due to the high quality, this lace costs considerably more than the rest. It's important to handle this lace with care as the fine material can tear easily if tampered with too often. I would not recommend this type of lace for everyday use. I would personally would only invest in HD lace for special occasions (bdays, holidays, events etc) Watch our video on instagram about how to spot 'real HD lace'.

hd lace (our hd lace)

Check out this summary we put together to help you pick your lace!

To achieve the best results for any skin tone, Meliora only provides high quality transparent and HD lace to its consumers. Shop the best quality hair and lace wigs here!


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