How to Maintain Your Human Hair Wig

How to Maintain Your Human Hair Wig

So you've purchased your new lace front wig from our Collection or your about to buy one but have no clue where to start on looking after it and maintaining the sleek texture of the human hair.

Did you know that human hair wigs can last for a good couple years if it is kept and maintained well. Yep, it's a true fact. You can even change the style, colour, and length anytime without hassle. There are a few common mistakes people make when it comes to maintaining human hair lace front wigs. Below are some top tips on how to maintain your wigs to make it last longer and get your moneys worth!

Best Tips to Maintain Human Hair Wigs from the The Meliora Collection!

Human hair wigs for black women

#Tip1 Wash and condition your human hair wig.

It is so important to wash and condition your human hair, especially if you wear it on a regular basis. Depending on the frequency of wears, its best to wash your wig 2-3 times a month. Start off by investing in a wide tooth comb (can be purchased from any beauty supply store). A wide tooth comb is more gentle on the hair and makes it easier to detangle human hair without breakage.

Use mild warm water to wash your human hair wig.

Apply shampoo to the hair and gently stroke the shampoo throughout the wig. Do not scrub or scrunch the hair! Be gentle when washing the lace to avoid excessive shedding and bald spots!

Thoroughly rinse off the shampoo and apply the conditioner while the hair is still wet.

Evenly spread a generous amount of conditioner on the lace front wig and leave the condition to sit for at least 5minutes. Using a wide tooth comb, or your fingertips, gently detangle the wig working from the bottom up

Thoroughly rinse off the conditioner with cool water and allow the human hair to air dry.

#Tip2 Change The Style From Time to Time.

Don't just stick to the same style all the time. There's so much different styles that can be worn with human hair wigs, especially if you have a 13x4  or 13x6 closure. A lot can be done with smaller closures too. If you stick to a particular parting for too long, you might notice the parting getting bigger, which results into bald spots. Try switching up the parting or the style and try a new look!

When straightening, don't have the heat on full blast, it's not needed. Too much heat on the hair can result to the lace front wig becoming dry a lot quicker.

#Tip 3 Protect your human hair wig at night while you sleep

Some people prefer to take off their wig at night because they say it decreases the life of the hair. However, I am here to tell you that, YOU CAN actually sleep in your wig without it damaging or decreasing the life length. Heres how: It just takes a little more maintenance - Invest a satin bonnet!

Satin bonnets have been a God send for lace front wigs simply because of its silky texture. They are made to protect your wig from damaging, eliminates dryness and keeps your human hair hydrated! Best of all, satin bonnets keep your hair soft and silky throughout the night, ready to slay for the following day!

You can purchase our high quality 'Pretty in Pink' Satin bonnets here which has loads of benefits for your human hair lace front wig!

Best silk bonnets for women

#Tip4 Store your wig 

A wig is an investment. If you look after it the right way, you will 100% experience and witness the benefits. Storing your wig correctly will help your wig to maintain its flawless new look for as long you own it. Keep your wig in its original packaging or carefully have it on a tripod. A tip I like to give is to cover your wig with the little net that comes in the original packaging and then place it somewhere safe, ready to be worn again another day.

So there you have it - Top tips on how to maintain your new lace front wig! Hopefully this has helped anyone who needed it :)




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