1-1 wig Install Refreshers Session

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Date of class can be arranged to suit your schedule!

Lighten up your skills and update your knowledge with a convenient 1-1 refreshers course.

You may have some experience in installs, however you feel like you could do with support from a professional who is able to guide, advise and assist you on areas where you lack confidence.

Are you struggling to lay a wig correctly? Or maybe you haven't found a comfortable technique? Do you need professional assistance when installing a wig on your client?

This course is specifically designed to increase your skills and refresh your knowledge on all things wig installs!! Allow me to supervise while you install a wig on your very own client. I will be there every step of the way to guide you throughout the entire process!

This is a one-day class that will take place in the comfort of your own environment. 

Once the course has been purchased, you will be contacted directly to arrange a 1-1 session that suits your schedule. Please contact 07713636989 via what's app for any questions or queries